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Padusahas of Deccan against Aliya Ramaraja, his annihilation
together with the army in &, S. I486 Raktafcsi, the capture of
Vijayanagara, and the plunder of the country, the Tillage of
AUidona was destroyed, and a, jungle grew up 011 its site,
harbouring \vild animals like tigers and bears in large numbers.

Kaifiyat of Allidona : Z. X. 1, p. 141.

Having killed Raniaraja the Great, with all his army in
the year S. S. I486 Raktaksi, the Mlecchas came to this king-
dom, and spread anarchy throughout the country. The people
of this village emigrated to foreign lands, When they returned
after some time, they found the village completely destroyed.
Therefore, they abandoned the old village site, and built new
habitations near it on the eastern side.

Kaifiyat o/GSranffa : L. R. 37, p. 172.


The valuable jewels set with the nine classes of gems, and
the vessels of silver and gold which were presented by former
kings to Gods Nava-Narasimha of Upper Ahobalam, and
Prahlada-Narasimha of Lower Ahobalam and the Goddess
Lak§midevi were stolen by the Muhamraadans, at the time of
the death of Ramaraja the Great of Vijayanagara. A few
vessels (of gold and silver) that remained were plundered in
S. S. 1500 Bahudhanya when Ibharam and the Hande chief
attacked the shrine of Ahobalam. Some jewels that escaped
the hands of the plunderers together with the golden vehicles
on which the Gods used to be taken in procession were broken
and carried away by the Muhammadans in S. S. 1641
Siddharthi,* when the territory of Gopalaraju of Kandanavohi
fen into their hands,

Kaijiyat ofAhttal<im : Z. *. 10. p. 577.

In this Eaktak§i year (S, Ii86) while the country lay
desolate owing to the death of Aliya Ramaraya at the hand of